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     Radio Decoding

 Battery gone flat? Lost your radio code. We can help you obtain your stereo code. Provide us with your stereo make, model and serial number and we will issue you with your radio code.



  • Battery went flat and can't find your radio security code?
  • Bought a secondhand car and didn't get the radio code with it?
  • Radio not accepting the code you were given?

 Radios covered are:

lBlaupunkt 9
Becker/Mercedes 9
Phillips 9
Ford 5
Grundig 9

Just email or phone us with your stereo make, model or car details and the serial number from the unit and we will issue you with a code within 1 hour.

Radio codes from just 5

If you are having trouble obtaining your serial number we offer a mobile service at your place of home or work to get your serial number recode your stereo on site.

Find out more about this service here

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