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     DAB Digital Radio



DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and is the future of radio broadcasting. Digital radio can liven up your daily commute with clarity similar to that of a CD. Stations can also be searched for by name rather than frequency and MW and LW broadcasts can be received digitally improving your old favourites!


DAB is a new technology which broadcasts audio and data services that can be received in over 85% of the United Kingdom. With the right kind of in-car tuner, listeners can receive a choice of stations without hiss or fade unlike conventional FM and AM receivers.

In the North East region over 30 digital radio stations are available at your finger tips and more than 60 available nationwide.

ICECAR can seamlessly install a digital radio / CD system into your vehicle starting from 280 fitted*.

* Please note this price includes an additional external aerial which significantly improves the signal strength. All units can be fitted without this aerial for 220 but ICECAR can make no guarantees for the quality of signal or its strength.

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