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ICECAR can do a lot of things that maybe you thought were not possible!

We can replace original car stereos in almost any vehicle while:

  • Retaining the use of steering wheel controls.

  • Retaining the use of in-car information displays.


Ok, so that’s not ground shaking technology, but how about this:

We can install CD Changers into modern vehicles which are totally compatible with your original car stereo. This service also extends to iPods.

We can install in dash touch screen monitors that not only play DVD’s in Dolby Digital Surround sound but also have the ability to show Freeview digital television.

Or how about fitting an in car computer into your vehicle which can also play DVDs, shows digital TV, offers satellite navigation and even on-the-move e-mail access.

What we are trying to say is that your imagination is our limit. We really will try everything in our means to satisfy your needs so please contact us with your requirements.

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